When Addition of One and One is Not Two

The need for space is inevitable in every family. But in some cases, what the home could offer is not enough. You have options: renovate the house, move to another place, or buy a new house. The answer is none of the above. You can opt for home additions.

Northern Virginia home additions contractors could make it possible for you. You don’t need to leave your neighbors, the backyard, the memories. They’ll show you that in home additions one plus one is not two. Even if they install an addition to your home it is still your one and only home.

Choosing the Right Contractor

In order that you can start with adding a new structure to your house, you need to work with a contractor. Choosing the right contractor is indispensable in achieving the look of your house that you wanted with the new addition or new additions. Here are certain factors that you have to consider in choosing a contractor.

  • Experience

A business that has weathered the test of time has something to offer beyond the ordinary. A company that has lasted for decades wouldn’t be existing if not for quality.

  • Portfolio

Design portfolios showcase the variety and ingenuity the company can offer. A good contractor should have prepared one for you.

  • Referrals

Referrals are made for excellent service or quality of work done. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals in looking for a contractor to work with.

  • Budget

Having a contractor who works with your budget works beyond what to receive. That would create an impression of his good character.

  • Credentials

You have to make it sure that you are working with a legit contractor who has the licenses required.

Why Opt for Additions?

There is a wide array of reasons why should you opt for additions. They may have practical, relational, or sentimental bearing. Six of them are listed below:

  • Improved space and livability
  • Increased resale value
  • Work integrated with home
  • Stress and expense of moving avoided
  • Value for experiences and memories spent
  • Valuing neighbors and relationships

 Home Additions Ideas

You can entertain a lot of ideas about how should addition be done or what has to be added. But of course nothing beats what has been existing for years.

  • Master suite for the bathroom
  • Second story to double your floor area
  • Patio and deck addition to enhance the look of your house
  • Guesthouse addition for comfort, privacy, and autonomy of guests
  • Kitchen additions to add more space for gatherings and get – togethers

 Opting for additions at home does not veer away from providing the space or the structure that your family needs. In fact, it is reinforcing what you could provide for your family. It is not easy to move from one place to another. The place of abode of the family serves as the very foundation of the family members’ concept of belongingness and security. While there are other options, home additions are the best you have. They are!