Protect Ur Property With CCTV cameras

What Differences are there between CCTV and IP Cameras?

Those cameras, they’re all over the place nowadays, and for those out there who were around at the time, you will remember the days when these things weren’t around everywhere, right? But it seems times have changed and they are a curse for certain people out there with bad intentions.

Becoming the Norm

It has become practically increasingly the norm to see security cameras in shops, supermarkets, banks, and other public areas. These systems are normally used to stop shoplifting, robbery, and other such crimes, plus capture an image of the wrongdoer on film should a crime have been committed. This has certainly made a lot of people think twice before doing something that they would otherwise have gone and done. Nowadays CCTV Perth has now become more common than ever and the market is definitely looking to grow.

Captured Right There on Film

Camera surveillance systems are attached to traffic lights in some places so as to take a photo of traffic violators. The usual violations include jumping red lights or not wearing a safety belt. The ticket can then be sent straight to the offender even if there’s no police around to pull the car over and give a ticket.

On the Lookout

Camera surveillance is also now being used ina number of schools and even at school and public buses. This is being used as a deterrent to stop any violence, drug abuse, and other sorts of negative social behaviour. But there are some people out there who believe that such methods are controversial and don’t think that they or their children should be always monitored, saying that it smacks of Big Brother. But then others are more at ease with the cameras as a manner of maintaining order, in the hope that it will act as a deterrent and can also help to round up and punish wrongdoers.

CCTV and IP Camera Differences

There are different types of camera systems now accessible to businesses and the public, the most popular being CCTV and IP. Both serve different purposes and have their own unique set of benefits.


Nowadays the most popular, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is usually utilised to reference video surveillance and video security cameras. This is connected to a DVR for recording or to a monitoring station for viewing images. Most of the cameras you see around you every day are using the CCTV system, and this type of camera system looks set to expand even further.


An IP (Internet Protocol) camera utilises an Ethernet cable and sends an electronic digital signal. This type of camera can be networked and then send a signal to a network video recorder (NVR) found on both a local or remote network. The most common use of this type is to monitor a location for security reasons. These systems do offer innovative features, such as being able to manage the camera from a personal computer or smartphone.

Nowadays, security is so much easier!