Top 10 Best Shop Fitting Equipments to Use in 2018

Check out next year’s high-tech devices and ingenious gear designed shop fittings to last long. 

Being a shopping store you are sourcing fast on the budget and in time to procure the most cost-effective solutions for Investment, Implementation, Design, service, and support you have been looking forward to the conversion rate of your customers.

The concept is launched with many years of experience in retail design and visual merchandising and interior design elements like furniture, props, lights etc just to attract the targeted audiences, the so called “CUSTOMERS”.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? We’re here to help. ADP Retail Merchandising Solutions your own shop fittings store.

Whether you’re looking to kit out a single retail store or an entire chain searching for exhibition display materials, a spark of interior design inspiration or commercial-quality storage. If you are planning to open a new store or updating your existing shop fittings, find the Top 10 Best and Cost Effective Shop Fitting Equipment to Use in 2018.

  • Aluminum Slat wall systems

This can be used with all slat wall fadeouts, baskets or hangnail as well as with glass, wood or injection molded bull nose shelves and brackets. The Aluminum Slat wall systems have the unique capability to display products on all four sides for maximum visibility.

  • Slotted Display Systems

The traditional approach is to utilize metal strips commonly known as wall standards or slotted standards. If you are remodeling your store, you will need to know what standards already exist so you can match them. Often times, concealed standards (or recessed standards) are built inside drywall or slat wall and are less obvious to the shopper.

  • Round Tubing Clamp On Shelf Support

High Quality Chrome Plated Round Tube shelf support to hold glass or timber shelves from 3mm to 8mm thick on to 25mm round tube.

  • Double sided gondola shelving

New double sided gondola store shelving, great for merchandise in your store.

  • Pharmacy Dispensary System

There’s no doubt that pharmacy medication management throughout the hospital takes tremendous effort and acumen. But the payoffs for having a secure, accurate, and efficient medication management process.

6)      Gravity Shelf System

A shelf with rollers and flexible dividers which continuously front faces key categories. Gravity Shelving System is ideal for merchandising packaged product in refrigerated case.  An easy-to-use system, choose your shelf size; select Bracket Set and Crossbars; select optional Dividers and Divider Rails etc.

7)      Double Sided Cantilever Gondola – End Bay

Each double sided cantilever bay comes with 6 arms per frame; giving 4 storage. Cantilever racking is also available as a single sided rack for along walls.

8) Round End Shelving – Shelf Front

These Shelves are a great way to spruce up any décor.

9) Liquor Counters

These counters will provide an extremely functional and versatile serving area that can be customized to your particular needs and available space.

10) Universal Wire Shelving

The UNIVERSAL wire shelving is a modern & innovative approach to shelving solutions in the retail, industrial or home storage area. Assembly is fast & simple – no tools are required.