Checklist 101 While Relocating Your Office

Checklist 101 While Relocating Your Office

Are you about to shift your office sometime soon? You might have got a bigger space to accommodate your growing staff base. Or it could be that you have captured a new wider market and now need to have your office close-by. Well, regardless of the reason, office moves are usually complicated affairs. You have to start your planning at least 3 months in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The post below has laid down a checklist to follow while relocating your office:

Inform your employees as fast as possible

You should inform your employees as soon as you finalize the new location for your office. Some of them might have to shift their homes if the new location is too far from their present residence. That would again involve a whole lot of planning on their side. So, be clear about the move to your employees as early as possible.

List and categorize all the stuff

Then, you should list down everything you have in office. Make 3 lists- one for the essentials that you would carry; another for those that you don’t want to use anymore and another for those that you will send to storage. Gather all that you won’t be using anymore and see which items can be sold and which ones could be donated. Follow the next course of action accordingly. Just one thing- don’t discard the items if they can be recycled.

Remove all data from old systems

Whether you want to donate or sell or recycle, make sure to wipe out all data from your old systems. Cyber attacks are on rise and it mostly happens due to our careless approach with stored files and folders. When you sell or donate, you never exactly know what the other person intends to do with your stuff. So, be careful to purge all the data from old systems before you send them to others.

Checklist 101 While Relocating Your Office

Inform your vendors and clients

You would also need to inform your vendors beforehand about your new move. It is especially important if your vendors ship the raw materials to your office and you don’t go for a pickup. You are also needed to inform your regular clients. Though most of the official communications today are carried over the virtual world- yet still you  need to notify them about your new base.

Change digital address

Don’t forget to change the digital address on your office website. Also, make a professional announcement on the website about the relocation.

Consult a commercial moving company

Moving an office is an overwhelming affair. If you plan to do the entire move yourself, it’s going to take a toll on your daily business operations. So, it’s better you consult professional commercial NYC Movers and find out a compatible name for you. Go for a reputed and experienced mover. The company should be backed by the needed movers license and insurance.  It’s great if the company also offers a storage solution.

Advanced planning and organization will ensure a peaceful office relocation.